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Drive a DC Motor With Arduino DUE

davide.vellutoOctober 31st, 2012


Arduino DUE and Motorshield

We are proud to show you a tutorial about using an Arduino Motor Shield with the  Arduino Due. This example shows the simplest thing you can do: driving a DC motor forward and backwards.

Read on the [tutorial]


2 Responses to “Drive a DC Motor With Arduino DUE”

  1. Actually how stupid. Are you nuts? Says:

    The image of this blog entry currently displays a DC _brushless fan which has its own electronics inside. This circuit is solely running properly on the correct polarity. Reversing the polarity will either do nothing or possibly kill the circuit inside the fan. Please think before posting “oh that image looked so nice – I have to write something super intelligent about it” entries.

  2. Fish Says:

    How can the motor shield run with the 3.3V output of the Due?

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