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Arduino at TED Global: Backstage footage

Priya KuberAugust 7th, 2012

The good natured Arduino co-founder and his team went to talk at TED global and rocked the stage (Yes, old news!). But, here is some previously unseen backstage travelogue of Massimo Banzi and Federico Vanzati, shot through the lenses of Davide Gomba. Just having some fun before the serious talks!


3 Responses to “Arduino at TED Global: Backstage footage”

  1. Mauro Alfieri Says:

    Fantastic! Alla you are exceptional at every opportunity, Italian pride for all fans arduino.

  2. Ulf Says:

    Too many components a bit too late in my opinion. Would have preferred a new Arduino Mega with only some WiFi module added. Something like the (now unfortunately discontinued) Black Widow by Async Labs.

  3. Ulf Says:

    Oops! Posted in the wrong place. Sorry.

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