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Campus Party Berlin – hackathon + free tickets

dcuartiellesAugust 1st, 2012

Campus Party is probably one of the oldest large-size LAN Parties in the world with series of events all over (Valencia, Mexico, Granada, Sao Paulo, Berlin …). We have been present at a few of their events both in Spain and Mexico over the last couple of years.

2012 Berlin Edition: IoT HACKATHON

This time we are going to be making a small workshop + overnight-hackathon about the Internet of Things where we will introduce you to the idea of connecting anything from -almost- anywhere. This event is arranged together with Telefonica Digital, who are partly sponsoring our research in the world of wireless communication.

The times aren’t fixed yet, but we will run a double session between August 24th and 25th. The participants in the workshop will get special gear courtesy of Campus Party Europe and a hands on introduction on how to get connected to the GPRS network. If you have a project that needs to speak out to the net, this workshop is for you.

There is room for 15 participants, join us!

Who will run the workshop?

David Cuartielles, Arduino Co-founder, will be hosting the workshop. However he will be arriving early and hang out at the festival between the 23rd and the 26th.

Francisco Javier Zorzano, from Telefonica Digital, who is the creator of Arduino’s GSM/GPRS library will arrive on the 24th and stay until the end of the festival.

It will be a great opportunity to meet, talk about projects, or hack a couple of things through the night.

We give away 50 free tickets to Arduino community members

Both if you want to come to the workshop or just if you want to pass by to see the festival, we want to give you the chance of getting free tickets to the festival. We are giving away 50 tickets to the event (worth 128Eur) for Arduino community members. Visit this page (or click on the banner at the beginning of the post), fill in the form and keep your fingers crossed. This call ends on August 8th.

IMPORTANT: For those of you applying to get free tickets to the event, we will announce the winners via the Arduino Blog … stay tuned!