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Time-based OTP with Arduino

Alessandro PaganelliJuly 16th, 2012

First prototype

One-time-password (OTP) and its time-based version (time-based OTP, or simply TOTP) are commodity solutions to provide a second factor, in addition to simple passwords, for authentication.

Here Jose Damico proposes his way to implement a simple TOTP device using only open-source tools. The core of the project is an Arduino board connected to a small LCD. From the software perspective, the SHA-1 library comes from Cryptosuite, a cryptographic library for Arduino.

The device, which is OATH-compliant, will be presented soon to the “13th Fórum Internacional Software Livre“, that will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in next July 25-28.

More information can be found here.

[Via: Hack A Day]

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  1. bola Says:

    hi,can anyone help me?i need to make an OTP token with arduino project ,i tried to use the sha1.h library but the problem is that the arduino doesn`t contain such file.any help is appreciated.

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