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New packaging for Arduino Products

Priya KuberMay 24th, 2012

Change is good! And a new style of clothing always helps! SO here we are with a sexy new packages for the new Arduinos. View and enjoy! 🙂



8 Responses to “New packaging for Arduino Products”

  1. JO3RI Says:

    But, but, but, I loved the smaller boxes with the doted lines one could cut out.

  2. James C4S Says:

    On the “old” packaging for the ADK, it said the input range was 7-18V. This is the only box that said so, and it contradicts the hardware page. Does the new ADK packing change / explain / fix this.

  3. roberto Says:

    Nice graphics, but I loved the smaller, minimalist old boxes.

  4. dynek Says:

    They look great!

  5. Packaging Says:

    Really cool packaging. I especially like the design and pictures on the package. They are really cool and attractive. It can be more attractive if you use green packaging techniques.

  6. phlexib Says:

    I love your designs.
    Change is good but too much paper is bad.
    Most of them could be 4 times smaller.

  7. L Says:

    It looks a motherboard box. the other were more distinctive, but the graphic is still very good

  8. Rafael Donelli Says:

    I really like my old fashioned minimalist Arduino UNO box, but the things must change and I liked the new boxes!


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