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India, our forum salutes you

dcuartiellesMay 22nd, 2012

India is large … or should I say XXXL? In order to give a better support to all the Arduino interested people in India we have created a new section in our forum where to bring up issues in both English and Hindi. We know there is a growing community coming from schools, maker groups, and the hardware section of the free/open source movement.

To coordinate the efforts around Arduino in India, we have gathered an excellent group of forum moderators (their nicknames are mentioned for you to find them in the forum):

  • Priya (our Arduino representative in India) – beachbrake
  • Sudar –  Sudar
  • Nishant –  NI$HANT
  • Jobin –  jo_v

(there is more to come, as we expect the Indian community to move quick, we will need all the help in the world)

So if you are in India and want to find your pals at our forum, refer to the following website and contribute!,82.0.html

India, our forum salutes you!

4 Responses to “India, our forum salutes you”

  1. ram_tenet Says:

    This is good effort David ! Excited to see more names that would make it to the forum post!

  2. Pataa Nai Says:


  3. sachin bhat Says:

    any requirement for a new moderator ? 😀

  4. mariasuite Says:

    I salute you also

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