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A revisit to open frameworks

Priya KuberMay 5th, 2012

Remember this?

A good tutorial by Sparkfun will help us make the above display. Before we begin let us take a few questions on Open Frameworks.

Q> What is Open Frameworks?

openFrameworks is a very handy software library written in C++ that is written for the sole purpose of reducing the software development overhead faced by designers and artists that would like to create pieces that use various media (graphics, sound, video, electronics, etc.).

Q> Why Open Frameworks when there is Processing?

Because there are some things that oF is well suited for that Processing just can’t handle. oF is much better at creating projects that use a lot of 3D Graphics, computer vision libraries like OpenCV or projects that involve the real-time manipulation of video. Also, while Processing requires a Java backend, oF is simply a set of C++ libraries, meaning that developers comfortable with C++ will be right at home.

Q> Where can I find more data and examples on Open Frameworks?

You can start by reading this article.

Try it, it works!


One Response to “A revisit to open frameworks”

  1. Rei VILO Says:

    Strange phenomenon about open framework: each one claims to be the “one”, more open than others.

    The average user ends with a collection of open frameworks each one non-compatible with others. Wiring used to be “the” shared repository for micro-controllers board. Now, there’s a new one, not compatible : Arduino 1.0.

    I can’t tell you the nightmare this situation carries on my embedXcode project, using Xcode for embedded computing…

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