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Arduino IDE I18 in the making

dcuartiellesApril 3rd, 2012

Check how the translation of the IDE is coming together. So far, after just 4 days in the making, we have 18 full translations and yet another 7 in the making. This prototype of the IDE boots in your local language. There is no way to select the language from a menu or similar, it just recognizes your preferred language in your computer and it boots that way. The demo shows how I change the language in my computer and reboot Arduino in some of the languages the system has been translated to already.

This is possible thanks to a patch by Shigeru Kanemoto, who forked the IDE from GitHub and made a great contribution. One way you can collaborate is by adding a drop down list to the preferences dialog where users could use their preferred language, also a dialog window allowing you select your language the first time you boot the software could be nice.

Also, we are lacking quite many languages, so if you have some time to collaborate with this effort, please go to this page and follow the instructions on how to help out. Once this is done we will take over the reference pages that come with the IDE. In a couple of weeks we will be able of providing with the most important documentation to build your projects as a full download in your language, coming together with the IDE. But we cannot do this without you!


8 Responses to “Arduino IDE I18 in the making”

  1. Ernesto Says:

    Osea que si tengo mi configuración regional como español(méxico) ¿tengo que joderme con el español? o ¿cómo? ¿tendre que cambiar a ingles mi configuración regional para seguir viendolo en ingles?

  2. Alex Says:


    Adding multi-language support may seem to make the IDE easier for non-english speakers, but I believe it doesn’t. Keeping it on a single language makes easier to follow online tutorials and book images depicting the screen. I believe most of the developers in other environments prefere to deal with an english GUI. Maybe you could use this effort to go after other IDE improvements, like better search or even displaying the current line and column. By the way, why do you put the SERIAL MONITOR button so far away from the other buttons???

  3. Lost in translation Says:

    You absolutely MUST include an option to change language. I would never run an IDE in a localized language but I still want to keep my regional settings and stuff. Don’t force me to use US English settings just to be able to use the IDE.

  4. DarkFoxDK Says:

    “I18” = Internationalizatio ? (Hint: I think you left out an “n” 😉 )

  5. B Says:

    Please at least have an option like:

    * System Default
    * Custom > Available languages…

  6. Christian Says:

    @ Alex -> Full ACK

    @ Lost in translation ->

    while (LangSwitch !=true) {

  7. Paul Says:

    I second what Alex & Lost in translation said.

    Please give us the option to set the IDE to english even if that is not the preferred language our system is set to.

  8. Sara Says:

    Translation into other languages ??is a great idea. It certainly make life easier for many users. I suppose that after this operation, you can acquire new users:)

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