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Python meets arduino

Priya KuberMarch 12th, 2012

A nice talk by Peter Kropf at PyCon 2012 on using Python to control external devices through an Arduino.



2 Responses to “Python meets arduino”

  1. Mark Fickett Says:

    I’ve been working on a python-to-Arduino communication library (too).

    It handles passing arbitrary data, not just single-byte commands; my main use is sending color data for an addressable RGB LED strip. It does not have error detection/correction; Peter Kropf’s talk makes it sound like that would be a good addition. If CommandControl.ino is the whole of Peter’s library (in – I skimmed the talk, just looking for the link), then it wins for size; though I include a matching Python-side library for full encapsulation.

  2. Pop Gheorghe Says:

    Thanks for this. Back in 2005 I had an engineering degree project that was doing the same thing, but with Perl and the communication protocol was without error proofing. Today I wanted to reedit that project, so if you like view the result here:
    This time based on Python.:-)

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