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Arduino Intervalometer

Priya KuberMarch 12th, 2012

Here is to all the photography enthusiasts!

An intervalometer is a device that triggers signals in accurate time intervals and operates other devices. An interesting intervalometer using an Arduino is designed by Ken Murphy of Murphlabs .

This beautiful device is used to capture still images of a long time exposure kind.

Often the purpose of a photographic intervalometer is to reduce the resources required either to take the pictures or post-process them as similar images could be obtained by having the camera continuously take pictures as rapidly as possible. Using an intervalometer permits restricting the pictures taken to only those with the desired content. This reduces the requirements for resources such as power and storage media (e.g. film or memory card space).

It uses a really simple interface: you dial in the speed you want, referring to the blinking LEDs, and switch it into “go!” mode when you want it to start taking pictures.

He also has put up beautiful tutorials here. Can’t wait to see this one up! :)

[Via: Murphlab]