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Feeding the dog over twitter

Priya KuberMarch 8th, 2012

Many times you would have wished that you could take care of your dog remotely instead of letting a careless friend handle him. The answer to the problem is this ingenious twitter based feeding device by Nat Morris.

Theres a Nanode microcontroller (an Arduino clone with ENC28J60 ethernet), LCD screen from an old Dell laser printer, the stepper motor mechanism is out of a HP Deskjet 500 from the 90’s. The stepper is controlled via a ULN2003 and a 555 timer is used for the buzzer. Theres a pair of IP cameras (ones broke at the moment) and a server process which polls twitter and co-ordinates it all.

So how many more applications can you think of using the same concept? 🙂

[Via: webpronews]


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  1. Roberto Lombi Says:

    Pee-wee’s Big Adventure strikes again. 😀

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