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Arduino workshop at CIS – India

Priya KuberMarch 1st, 2012

A free arduino workshop for beginners, is being held on 3rd March at Centre for Internet and Society by Pramode C.E from Recursive Labs.

Here is a brief outline of the workshop:

Part 1
– General introduction to microcontrollers and embedded systems
– Basic eletrical concepts, use of breadboard for prototyping circuits.
– Arduino “Hello,world”: build a blinking LED circuit
– Controlling more than one LED
– Using Pulse width modulation to control LED brightness
– Interfacing a seven segment display
– Using the arduino digital inputs: interfacing a mechanical switch
– Using the analog inputs: sensing light using an LDR
– Potentiometer interfacing
– Reading temperature
– A quick introduction to the Python programming language
– Serial port interfacing (Python will be used to write PC-side code)

Part 2
– The second part of the workshop will be a demo. An Ez-Chronos sports watch which contains an accelerometer as well as a radio will be used to control an LED attached to the Arduino board.

[Via:CIS blog]


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  1. tahaminaakter Says:

    we are trying to do a project using an arduino uno boad, where we are trying to connect pulse sensor and piezo buzzer. the idea is it will buzz when pulse rate exceed a specific value. but we are failing to program it . . .can anybody help us please.

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