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Control An LCD with a 595 Shift Register

Davide GombaJanuary 16th, 2012

[Carlo Denaro] is sharing a smart solution to save digital pins while controlling an LCD, using Shift Register 74HC595. A simple yet useful project with skecth&libraries, datasheets and Fritzing schematics.

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4 Responses to “Control An LCD with a 595 Shift Register”

  1. Lorenzo S. Says:

    I always used 595 to work with lot of leds, leds matrix and LCD! It’s like extending Arduino with more and more pins! 🙂

  2. Luis Sismeiro Says:

    I already though of doing this with an i2c MCP23008 like I saw in the playground but with an 595 is much nicer and simpler, also it comes with a Arduino library for it. Thank you, Carlo 🙂

  3. flo Says:

    Its also possible with only 2 pins:

  4. Chaz I. Says:

    Is it ok to use a 74LS595 IC rather than 74HC595 is it ok?

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