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ITP Winter Show

tigoeDecember 18th, 2011

For the past couple weeks I’ve been wrapped up in finals at ITP, and in producing the ITP winter show 2011, along with my colleague Marianne Petit. I lost count of all the great Arduino projects in the show, but probably somewhere around 70% of the 110 projects in the show have a little blue board somewhere inside. If you’re in New York City today or tomorrow, come on down, it’s a good time, with lots of creative projects covering a range of application areas from healthcare  to fashion to video sculpture to politics, data visualization, assistive technologies, and more.



Here are a few selected at random that are using Arduino:

  • FOLKBOX is a device that allows a person with limited left-hand dexterity to play the acoustic guitar, by Justin Lange.
  • Glute-o-licious is a virtual cycling experience in which the user controls the speed of a first-person video by riding a stationary bike, by Courtney Mitchell
  • HeartRacer is a portable exercise-based video game that plugs into your TV and is powered by your heartbeat, by Nick Santaniello
  • Kinetic Sculpture 5 is composed of five pendulums that the viewer can control. Simply wave your hand over the sensors to “play” the piece, by Ben Light
  • Metrochange is a charity donation platform using New York City subway cards, by Genevieve Hoffman, Paul May, and Stepan Boltalin
  • RFID Beat Box is an instrument that lets you create and play your own music using RFID tags, by Danne Woo and Stefanie Kleinman
  • Nostalgia is an interactive art piece where you can view a memory of the artist’s past by typing, by Yoonjo Choi
Here is a full list of the projects. Come and see them all!

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