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#Arduino@Radioshack. Post Your Pic!

Davide GombaNovember 24th, 2011

Even if some of you (thanks for the wonderful picture, Bill) already realized it, we are officially announcing a big Christmas surprise for all Arduino users in North America: Radioshack sells Arduino in most of its 6000+ stores all around US!

This means that you’re going to find Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA 2560 and Arduino ADK, together with four shields, in the main Radioshack stores in your homecity.

Arduino jumps into the retail market in its new *sexy* retail packaging developed by TODO.
We are asking you to celebrate this wonderful achievement by taking pictures of  the Arduinos in the Radioshack nearby and twitt them with #Arduino@Radioshack hashtag.
Wonder if any of these new products (and retail packaging) will be sold on the Arduino Store? Stay tuned for next week Christmas’ Specials.


4 Responses to “#Arduino@Radioshack. Post Your Pic!”

  1. Siro Says:

    Very cool! Thanks!

  2. Bill Porter Says:

    Hey, nice picture!

    This was only 1/3 of the new display too, it was quite impressive. I was very excited to see it and bought a few shields for up-coming projects and to support the cause.

  3. TLR Says:

    I just got the arduino mega 2560 and it won’t allow any com ports to show up or any programming.
    My arduino duemilanove works just fine when i connect it to com port.
    I tried everything to get this to work, and all I get is a flashing L light…

    I want to return this arduino to radioshack, but maybe their an answer out there why it wont work on windows 7 64bit.

  4. dcuartielles Says:


    you should always use the latest version of the IDE. Arduino Mega 2560 (for your specific OS) requires the drivers coming with Arduino 1.0 and later.


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