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Massimo Interviewed For IxDA Awards

Davide GombaSeptember 27th, 2011

[Jennifer Bove] interviewed Massimo in the series of portraits she is making to introduce the IxDA awards.  BTW, don’t miss the chance to join, the deadline has been post-poned till October the 1st.

1- What is your favorite product, digital or otherwise, to use, and why?

When I was 8 years old my dad gave me a Braun Lectron Electronics Kit. It was packaged like a book. On the left side there was an actual book you could pop out that explained how electronics work using hand-drawn bubbles that kids could understand, followed by very clean and simple instructions on how to assemble the modules. Then on the right there was a play area made of metal, where you could make various projects and then neatly store away the building blocks when you were done. You could just close up the book afterwards and put it on the book shelf.

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