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Easytransfer Library Makes Arduino2Arduino Communication Easy

Davide GombaJune 2nd, 2011

Making an Arduino communicating with another Arduino implies the use of a protocol. Most of the time is a DIY protocol that suits your needs (e.g. sending simple bytes/string etc) made for that project.

[Bill Porter] took care of this problem by creating a library called EasyTransfer

In most of my own projects I define and write my own NMEA standard communication protocols. This makes communications human readable and easy to debug, but proves wasteful with bandwidth and processing power so it’s not right for every application. Binary communications is much more efficient and versatile, but requires careful handling. This library abstracts the finer points of packetized serial communication away from the user so it easy to use and understand.

via [HackADay] source [BillPorter]

2 Responses to “Easytransfer Library Makes Arduino2Arduino Communication Easy”

  1. Bill Porter Says:

    Wow, I did not expect this library to become so popular. Just to add:

    I wrote this in a day as a way to help out the handful of people that email me every month asking for help getting one Arduino with a PS2 controller (using my other library) to talk to another. It’s a simple library with not much to it.

    Alot of Arduino users will undoubtedly know how to handle communications. This library is nothing special; it was targeted for the extreme beginner with no idea how to begin.

  2. Says:

    Ehi Bill, Arduino IS (also) for extreme beginner no idea how to begin.
    That’s why your library is useful.

    Thanks for commenting,

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