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RESTduino – Arduino Hacking For The REST Of Us

Davide GombaApril 28th, 2011

Nice RESTduino demo #1 by [Jason Gullickson]: what is RESTduino?

RESTduino is a simple sketch to provide a REST-like interface to the Arduino via the Ethernet Shield. The idea is to allow developers familiar with interacting with REST services with a way to control physical devices using the Arduino (without having to write any Arduino code).

Of course some flexibility is traded for this convenience; only basic operations are currently supported:

  • Digital pin I/O (HIGH, LOW and PWM)
  • Analog pin input

Later versions of the sketch may provide additional functionality (servo control, etc.) however if you need more than just basic pin control you’re probably better off learning the basics of programming the Arduino and offloading some of your processing to the board itself.

via [Jason Gullickson] and its [GitHub]