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Swedish Ny Teknik about Arduino

dcuartiellesApril 23rd, 2011

In just one day (April 20th) the Swedish magazine Ny Teknik published three different notes about Arduino. First they told the story of the platform and compared it to others in terms of price, simplicity of use, etc. Second they interviewed me about the plans we have for the future … I didn’t tell the secrets, you will have to follow this blog to know more. And third they launched a contest where you can win a whole Arduino starter kit.


2011 Nyteknik contest

2011 Nyteknik contest, by Nyteknik

More info at: the article, the interview, the contest (all in Swedish)



2 Responses to “Swedish Ny Teknik about Arduino”

  1. Rasmus Says:

    Great to see this! I am a EE design engineer in Sweden, and I use the arduino platform to do quick mock-ups for testing purposes. They are also cheap enough that I easily can incorporate them in more permanent testing apparatus. Glad to hear that you have further plans for the platform!

    A quick nitpicking note; the magazine is called “Ny Teknik”, translating to “New Technology”.

    Best regards; Rasmus

  2. Says:

    Hi Rasmus.
    Thanks for the tip.


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