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SegWii: Self balancing robot with Arduino + Wiimote

dcuartiellesApril 6th, 2011

Hello I am Tijmen Verhulsdonck 17 years old and come form the Netherlands. In the past six months I have been working on a self balancing robot (SegWii) that you can control with a Wiimote. I got the idea from Ara Kourchians, he thought of the idea to remote control a self balancing robot with a Wiimote. He never succeeded in connecting the Wiimote to an Arduino […]

Hey thats the great thing about open source someone else could pop up and finish your idea.

Tijmen came with the idea of taking over an existing project to improve it. Six months later he was posting his videos online and even came on the Dutch TV (you need to understand Dutch for this). If you check his material you will see how clean the loop turns out. An important part of a project is to get it work, but if at the same time you make clean code, then you are making it much more accessible to others.

His design, as many we have seen in the robotic’s scene lately, includes two Arduino boards. One is dedicated just to handle the communication with the wiimote, and a Mega2560 taking care of the whole rest. There is even a 25×4 screen to display information to the user.

For more information, visit Tijmen’s post on letsmakerobots.