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RFID-based Dispencer Answers To The Question: Did I Already Take This Pill?

Davide GombaMarch 25th, 2011

[Mark Fickett] shares a nice solution to keep track of  pils and medecines his mother takes.

When taking her battery of medicines, my mother occasionally loses — or, lost — track of which ones she had already taken. This aims to keep track of what’s been taken (and how recently); and also to provide a night light, as long as it’s taking up an electrical outlet.

I put together an RFID Meter to answer the question “Did I already take that pill?” for my mother. (video, details, construction photos) Each pill bottle has an RFID tag on it, and she scans each bottle right before taking the pill. When she scans the bottle, the meter either says ‘yes’ (green LED, friendly tone, go ahead and take it), or ‘no’ if it was taken already (red LED, bad tone, do not take it).

It uses the ID-12 reader from Innovations, and I tested it with both SparkFun’s RFID cards and smaller tags from Trossen Robotics – see the parts list for details on those.

via [Arduino Forum] source [MarkFickett]

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