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The BodySuit and the Swedish Crown Princess

dcuartiellesMarch 18th, 2011

Last week, Victoria -the Swedish Crown Princess- and Daniel -her husband- came by Malmo University and visited the Medea Research Facility. There was a talk about New Media and the importance of the research made in the field in order to identify new business opportunities, as well as promote freedom of speech.  There were four projects presented to the Royal couple, all coming from different initiatives related to the activities at Medea.


BodySuit by Mads Hobye, operated by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

(c) 2010 by Svenskdam, Princess Victoria playing with an Arduino enabled suit

One of the projects, made by PhD candidate Mads Hobye, is a BodySuit he made for Burning Man that measures body resistance and responds with interesting sound patterns. It becomes some sort of communication enhancer. The BodySuit was prototyped using an Arduino, two sets of headphones, some LEDs and a lot of creativity. I know the code he used for generating the sound was made by a friend of his … you should try to get that code, it is worth every byte.