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Not Designed To Be Dumped

Davide GombaMarch 10th, 2011

Arduino itself is something used to do things (or repair / reuse them). It’s very difficoult for you to break it, and it’s not the kind of consumer electronics product depicted in the video above (I must say me myself I’m treated like a kind of dump by my friends: people brings me all kind of electronic junk in order to be reused. I think this is common to most of our readers). But still I find this video strongly related to DIY world, our way to design things,  our personal daily habits. We strongly advice you to spend your next 7’46” in watchin this video.

(by the way,  long ago Arduino opted for Carbon Neutrality for the majority of its products).

via [HistoryOfElectronics]



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  1. John Boxall Says:

    A great video clip, ideal to show to relatively non-technical people. It is good to see some progress though, the EU is mandating standard mobile phone charger sockets soon – a small start. Next we need to get Apple to start making products with user-replaceable batteries…

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