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FireHero To Warm You Up In Winter

Davide GombaJanuary 25th, 2011

Some time ago [Chris] was daydreaming in class about who knows what […]

Then I thought of the game Guitar Hero, which uses five frets, and I had my idea! Simply interface a Guitar Hero controller to a microcontroller that would power some relays which would in turn fire off solenoid valves on five individual fire poofers! Now this could be cool; a large fire “sculpture” that is playable by anybody. Read on to see how I turned this idea into reality in a week’s time!

He managed to interface GuitarHero to arduino reading this article from Bill Porter’s website. The idea of controlling fire was inspired by this project on Mikey Sklar’s website.

via [FireHero]

One Response to “FireHero To Warm You Up In Winter”

  1. Axel Says:

    awesome!!! you could probably sell it for concert use for heavy metal bands

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