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Exploding High-Five Glove Bring High-Five Back From The 80ies

Davide GombaDecember 29th, 2010

[Eli Skipp] made a glove that senses high-fives using a force sensor and makes an explosion sound. High-five has never been so cool!

This project is finished and critiqued via the Electronics as an Art Material class in SAIC. Many thanks to Mitchell F. Chan and Ed Bennett, without whom I would be sitting in dejected failure. Ed’s help gave me a working circuit and a working wave shield, Mitchell wrote the majority of the code and altered the code from Lady Ada’s AF-Wave library. Project conceived in part by Jordan Bunker.

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One Response to “Exploding High-Five Glove Bring High-Five Back From The 80ies”

  1. Greg Says:

    Excellent work. I would think with smd’s this could be shrunk down to a 1″x2″ board to be sewn into a pocket on the back of a glove. Instead of having the speaker on the glove, perhaps a bluetooth module to transmit the audio to a PC or a stereo would be less bulky. And then…. maybe it could be enhanced to make a virtual piano…. the possibility are endless.


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