Xoscillo, Cheap Arduino Based Oscilloscope

Davide GombaOctober 6th, 2010

[Xchip] shared a useful way to have a cheap DIY oscilloscope out of an Arduino:

I wrote some software so you can use your computer as an oscilloscope.

In the following screen shot you can see the software acquiring data from an arduino and also from a Parallax USB oscilloscope simultaneously.

The project is hosted on google code.

via [CodingLab]

4 Responses to “Xoscillo, Cheap Arduino Based Oscilloscope

  1. Xoscillo, Cheap Arduino Based Oscilloscope « adafruit industries blog Says:

    [...] Cheap Arduino Based Oscilloscope via Arduino blog. This is a multiplatform software oscilloscope. It supports arduino(with custom firmware) and a [...]

  2. Mecatruino Says:

    Instale el software, me reconoce que esta conectada mi placa Arduino (tengo la UNO y la DUEMILANOVE), pero nunca va mas alla el programa, genera un error y se cierra. que estara funcionando mal?

    Ayuda, pues me gustaria en verdad tener este proyecto instalado y funcionando

    I Installed the software, it recognizes that my Arduino is connected (I have ONE and Duemilanove and i tried with both), but never goes beyond, it generates an error and shuts itself off. What is failing?

    Help, because I really like to have this project up and running

  3. bruceme Says:

    I’ll start with a bit of a warning, it can be “glitchy” because the signals aren’t shielded. It’s not a $200+ purpose-made oscope. BUT !

    I’ve used Xoscillo at least five times to do clock checks, logical analysis on mulitple Atmel-based projects. It’s super easy, laying-around-parts-cheap and unless you really need to scope something higher than 10khz (which is rare in projects); there’s nothing like it.

  4. simonsunnyboy Says:

    I tried ousing Xoscillo today but I had no success. I am using Ubuntu Linux 14.04LTS, the exe seems to run ok but it cannot connectto my Arduino Nano flashed with the scope.ino file. I don’t seem to get any data. Debug console says “Forcing Manual…/dev/ttyUSB3, rts:False, dtr:False trying…Can’t open!”

    I used the same serial port to flash the scope.ino sketch with the Arduino IDE. I am using the latest ZIP file for download…

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