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Arduino, Php, Lcds, Xbees: Tactical Texting In Public Spaces

Davide GombaSeptember 17th, 2010

It’s been quite a long time since I’m following this project. Now [Michael] came to a certain level of stability and shared his thoughts (and codes) for our personal benefit:

While the adventure in working on this project began months ago, I’ve finally sorted through the mess of files I made and put it all together in a nice handy zip folder. Using Arduinos, XBees, LCDs, and PHP, this project was challenging from a technical stand-point, but I think the project is now at a place where it can act as a foundation for a number of other projects I’m hoping to take on.

While the most-recent installation of this project was on view as part of SRSI, I’m already looking at the Arduino-TVOut library dreaming of what to do next.

I have to find some time to read back again all the project.

via [BrockenCityLabs]



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  1. Limb Says:

    First link in the post leads to a WordPress Admin edit page..

  2. mowcius Says:

    umm, your link is rather broken :p

  3. mowcius Says:

    looks like the comment posting time is borked too…

  4. Says:

    Thanks for comment: I edited the broken link. now it should work.
    Cheers 😉

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    mmm…I don’t know why.
    We’ll try to fix this asap.

    Thanks for the comment

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    I just fixed the time display in the blog. There has been an update in WordPress’ function dedicated to display the time and now it requests some parameters. Our template wasn’t up to date.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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