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Spiral Wall (Arduino+Processing)Spiral Wall (Arduino+Processing)

Davide GombaSeptember 15th, 2010

This project is called “Spiral Wall”  which used Processing to control Arduino board. Pressing the keyboard(or mouse) to control the servo to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. You can see how the silk-line rotate and make the diversity of the patterns.

via [MAKE] source [Pandalabcc]

Questo progetto si chiama “Spiral Wall”  e utilizza Processing per controllare Arduino. Attraverso i tasti della tastiera o del mouse si possono controllare i servomotori per avere un movimento orario o anti-orario. Nel video si può notare la seta che cambia di spessore a seconda della rotazione.

via [MAKE] source [Pandalabcc]

2 Responses to “Spiral Wall (Arduino+Processing)Spiral Wall (Arduino+Processing)”

  1. Seth Koberg Says:

    That is beautiful. I could see this being scaled up and installed into a high-cost hotel/museum/etc.

  2. Spiral Wall : Un mur modulable filaire à base de kit Arduino | Semageek Says:

    […] : arduino.ccvar wordpress_toolbar_urls = […]

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