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XBee Environment Data CollectorXBee Environment Data Collector

Davide GombaSeptember 14th, 2010



Nice (code-ready) project using Xbees. Lucas and his friend Ian Gallina used this tutorial for settting up the two Xbees to talk as “coordinator” and “router”. Then he just made the Arduino send the data he was receiving from sensor to his computer via radio.

via [lucasfragomeni]



Un bel tutorial (con codici) su come far mandare i dati ricevuti dai sensori da un Arduino al PC, usando un comune zoccoletto per attaccare l’Xbee al PC via Seriale. Lucas e il suo amico Ian Gallina hanno usato questo tutorial per far diventare le due Xbee “coordinator” e “router”. Pochissimi i progetti che usano Xbee online.

Grazie Lucas

via [lucasfragomeni]

3 Responses to “XBee Environment Data CollectorXBee Environment Data Collector

  1. Arno Jansen Says:

    Nice project! I am attempting something similar in monitoring greenhouse conditions wirelessly. I have had some issues getting the Xbee radio’s to communicate, but it now works fine. The challenge is in the fact that the “Series 2” radio’s are different than the previous series.

    Maybe handy for others, I used these sites:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Arno Jansen Says:

    I just noticed that the site also uses the same WordPress theme as I do on my site 🙂 Funny coincidence (or is it, haha).

    Can I say I just love the Arduino for the way it allows such easy access to a physical computing platform…

  3. Eas Says:

    X-bees can themselves be “programmed” to collect and relay data. For many applications, the arduino is just overkill.

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