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LEGO host for all your prototyping projectsUn modellino LEGO per ospitare tutti i tuoi progetti smanettoni

Davide GombaSeptember 14th, 2010

LEGO is probably one of the best protyping tool ever made. The step to make it becoming a nice host for our electronic projects is quite straightforward. Nevertheless I haven’t seen so many projects working as deeper as [hexecute] did. His blog is a wonderful worklog of the experience. He took the effort to translate his posts in english. In his lates post he drives his Super-LEGO-Car with a Nunchuk. Amazing.

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Un magnifico progetto postato da [Hexecute] sull’utilizzo di prodotti LEGO per ospitare un progetto basato su Arduino, inventando così il gioco più flessibile, divertente e educativo di sempre. I post sul suo Blog sono in Francese ed Inglese, e spaziano dal momento in cui lui ha reperito i materiali fino all’utilizzo di un Nunchuck come controller senza fili.

via [HackADay] source [hexecute]

Here it is, the car moves forward, backward and turns, controlled by a nunchuk! I2C solves a lot of problems by the way, it simplifies things a bit!

While trying to solve the battery problem (weight/power/voltage) I’m going to code the software part!

Thankyou [hexecute]: are you going to share the codes?

via [HackADay] source [hexecute]