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Arduino 0019 now available.

David MellisSeptember 4th, 2010

Arduino 0019 is now available from the download page. Changes include:

  • SPI library.
  • The Ethernet library has been refactored to use the new SPI library. Existing sketches will need: #include <SPI.h> added to the top of their code. Just select SPI from the Sketch > Import Library menu.
  • String class
  • A0, A1, etc. aliases for the analog input pins
  • shiftIn() function
  • Added Arduino Pro 5V and Arduino Fio to the boards menu
  • Added control over automatic scrolling and outgoing line endings in the serial monitor

and lots more; see the full list in the release notes.


7 Responses to “Arduino 0019 now available.”

  1. Markus Gritsch Says:

    Why does SPI.h have to be included in the *user* code when using the Ethernet library? Why cannot the Ethernet library include it itself? There must be a fundamental dependency problem with the current solution.

  2. bobyzesponge Says:

    Thanks for your work David !
    Is the change on the Ethernet lib allow the EthshieldSD to use both Ethernet and SD in the same sketch ? (did it fixed the wiznet spi noise issue ?)

  3. bobyzesponge Says:

    forget about my last comment. I just found the trick on ladyada’s blog. 🙂

  4. Giz Says:

    Arduino + windows 7.

    it takes a lot of time to open the “tools” menu.

    with processing.exe happens something similar. when i need to interact with serialport. it takes 40seconds to start the graph.

    obviously its something related to serialport.

    am i the only one with this problem?

    plus i get an error when starting arduino.exe, “an error occurred when opening the application”. takes a lot of time also.

  5. bobyzesponge Says:

    If someone can have a look to the MIRF library it would be nice. Old Spi and new SPI calls are not really compliants…

  6. Logan Says:

    @Giz, I have the same problem. It takes about 10 seconds for the tools menu to open and the serial port monitor about the same. Does anyone have any ideas?

  7. reelfernandes Says:

    Loving the String class! Nice work team!

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