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Updated Ethernet Shield: micro-SD card slot, Mega support, and reset controller.

David MellisAugust 9th, 2010

We’re very happy to announce an updated version of the Arduino Ethernet shield, with some nice new features. This revision incorporates a micro-SD card slot so you can store files to send over the network. It’s compatible with the Arduino Mega (using the SPI pins on the ICSP header). It adds a reset controller which should address the problems some people have had getting it to work directly on power-up. All-in-all, we think it’s a well-rounded upgrade to a useful product.

Full software support for these new features is under development. The shield works with the Ethernet library in Arduino 0018 on the Duemilanove. Mega support and a standalone SPI library are coming in Arduino 0019, which should be out later this week. The SD card can be read with existing libraries, e.g. beta-lib. We’re working on creating a version with a proper “Arduino” feel and documentation.


16 Responses to “Updated Ethernet Shield: micro-SD card slot, Mega support, and reset controller.”

  1. Mirco Says:

    It’s been a long time since I’m waiting for that reset controller feature 😀

  2. bob Says:

    The ethernet chip seems to be always the same, which has heating issue 🙁

  3. Mirco Says:

    …sSo i suppose there will be possible to reset the shield also via software, in the next Ethernet Library release…

  4. Strng8 Says:

    Is there an official site selling this new version? I know there are many variations floating around and it’s hard to order the correct shield.

  5. Alex Says:

    Great stuff! 1uF capacitor was unhandy solution for W5100 reset problems.
    I guess it’s just monostable multivibrator as reset controller ? (schematics on site is for prev. version – without reset controller).

  6. Shawn Says:


    I’m looking at picking one of these up, but I’ve been reading that there is problems using the sd on this and some places are selling them without the slot. Is this true, and if so will there be a new hardware upgrade or just software? I kinda want to get started sooner then later but don’t want to find out that I will have to either hack the hardware or buy an upgraded “fixed” shield.


  7. Jose Xavier Says:

    Where are the new schematics? I curious to see what are the mux that you use. I want use Ethernet shield V1 and RFM12

  8. GeorgeFlacker Says:

    THANK YOU GUYS!!! Thank you for taking the effort of making this for us geeks.

    I was checking the Eagle files from the site but, it looks they belong to the old board and not this the Upgraded version.

    Is it possible to have the new ones??’

    Best regards from Chihuahua, Mexico

  9. mellis Says:

    The microSD card on this updated hardware works, for example with the library linked to in the post. We’re in the process of cleaning it up and “Arduino-izing” it, but it will continue to work with the currently shipping shields.

  10. Brett Says:

    I too am looking to see the schematic for the new model board, any thoughts on if/when they might appear?

  11. WestfW Says:

    using the ISP connector for access to the SPI port is clever, but it’s a bad idea, requiring that that port never move…

  12. Chris Rivera Says:

    When will this shield be available for sale? Is it already?

  13. roscoe Says:

    I read before the launch that the new ethernet shield would also support
    — POE
    — TFTP remote program loading
    Looking through the datasheet/info I cannot see any reference to these new features. Are they included ?

  14. Joao Rechena Says:

    I’m using this eth shield, but not using the SD feature..not yet at least. And I’m having some problems with her freezing after some 10 minutes or less updating a webserver. If I remove the SD card from the slot it works flawless, is it normal this sort of behaviour ? Thanks for the help.

  15. Says:

    Hi Joao.
    I advice you to read on this nice tutorial from Ladyada and to open a thread on the Forum. The blog is not the best place to ask about this kind of things.

    Thanks anyway for commenting


  16. Jake Says:

    Hi, I’m having a problem with this device and was wondering if anyone can steer me towards a possible fix. Overall it’s quite handy, but, here’s the issue… I can read files from the SD card no problem, but writing files appears not to work. I suspect you’re going to tell me about the SEN and /SCS pins on the Wiz5100, and I suspect that’s the main problem. But, without trying to go in and solder to this pin on the 5100 chip, is there a way to allow writing to the SD card after the ethernet services have been started? Thanks…

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