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Wireless + Arduino + oF [Tutorial]

Davide GombaJuly 23rd, 2010

Nice tutorial letting you wirelessly communicate with oF cia Arduino. Cool.

In the last tutorial we used an openFrameworks application to control a process running on an Arduino board. In this tutorial we’re going to reverse that and use an Arduino board to control an openFrameworks application that’s playing back music and we’ll do it wirelessly and (relatively) inexpensively. The electronics in this tutorial are a little more involved than the previous one because we need an oF application to control and two Arduino controllers: one to send transmit data and one to receive data and communicate with the oF application. There are a whole bunch different ways to do wireless communication that we’ll outline in the section below on wireless but for this tutorial, to mitigate the cost of requiring two Arduinos, I’m going to use inexpensive Radio Frequency (RF) components to send and receive the data.

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