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Telnet Server for Arduino

torukmactouJuly 9th, 2010

Nice contribution from forum user Steve Lentz

Here’s something that might help someone out there.  There are plenty of examples of web servers and even a few web services interfaces, but few if any command line interfaces.  A few old forum posts seem to be looking for this, but I haven’t found any good examples.  This sketch allows you to read all digital and analog pins, set digital outputs high or low, set PWM outputs and change the mode of digital pins.  This could be useful when debugging hardware or perhaps you just have a hankering for good old text based interaction.  I’ve keep the command structure very simple, for example analogRead is abbreviated as ar, in an effort to keep the sketch size small and so the code will run reasonably fast.  There’s built in help, so once the sketch is running you can ask it to give you a complete list of supported commands.  Please post comments here if you find this useful (or not) or have any other suggestions.

Find it at: