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Second Life is still HOT: "technésexual" brings sensitive heartbeats on the net

Davide GombaJune 28th, 2010

even if somebody is working to save Second Life from closing, by taking care of the “digital corposes” abandoned here and there, I found a performance dealing with physical world and its interaction to the virtual, Second Life, one. And sexual, visualised, interaction between human beings.

technésexual. <2009-10> mixed reality performance
A performance in collaboration with Micha Cárdenas, where the performers commit playful erotic acts, while wearing biometric sensors including heart rate monitors and temperature sensors. The sensor data is processed through an Arduino/Freeduino and Puredata to produce live audio. This audio is sent back into Second Life, linking our physical bodies to our virtual avatars. This performance is a part of the series of studies for mixed relations, a larger set of performances using technology to explore relations between people as well as between people and technology.

video after the break.

technesexual at LACE // micha cárdenas and elle mehrmand from azdel slade on Vimeo.

Via [ElleMehrmand]