Make your own Vj controller [Arduino meets Resolume]

Davide GombaMay 17th, 2010

Nice upcoming workshop in Rome at the end of the month:

I’m really glad to announce a new Arduino workshop, VJ-related, in Rome, at the end of the month. [...]

Now, it’s preatty straightforward sending data to PD, Processing or MAX/Msp with Arduino. Over the years, I always asked myself in which way Arduino, my favourite beloved italian board, could have helped the (other) big majority of visualist who use mass vj software, like Resolume 3 or Modul8.

So the idea of this workshop came in my mind. Arduino meets Resolume is the prototyping of a simple yet modular little vj console, inside a VHS case. A normal Arduino workshop with some hacking, some programming, a lot of amusement. A perfect intro to many vjs who want to make a turntable out of a hackek HD, or just learn how to solder/desolder/heal some electronic equipment.

more on [] full program on [LPM]

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