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How quick can you solder?

dcuartiellesMay 11th, 2010

I am working in a project for the fashion brand Purificacion Garcia since a couple of months ago. All the objects that will be exhibited in Gijon from this Thursday are made with Arduino and Processing. I will post more about this art project and the community it aims to be supporting in India after the opening. In the meanwhile, I feel I need to share this with you:

So, how long do you need to solder 192 SMD LEDs? It took me 1h 10m, the soldering wasn’t perfect, but only one of the LEDs wasn’t shinning as it should after I finished. That’s quite an achievement. The code? The magnificent TLC5940 library for Arduino by user acleone (Alex Leone). Thanks! it is a very smooth piece of code. I strongly recommend you using it if you are in the need of a lot of PWM pins.


4 Responses to “How quick can you solder?”

  1. emuboy Says:

    I can do it realy fast…i do it for work 😀

    Posso farlo molto velocemente…lo faccio per lavoro 😀

  2. Apoorv Says:

    I think its pretty good, at least as per our standards 🙂
    The whole thing sounds interesting, I’m also in India, doing some electronics/embedded stuff in IIT Kanpur these days. What are you guys doing exactly ?

  3. Vidéo : Timelapse de la soudure 192 LED SMD en 1h10 | Semageek Says:

    […] : […]

  4. dcuartielles Says:

    The project is called “Thinking of Dallipur”, the fashion brand “Purificacion Garcia” from Spain is making a donation campaign to the city of Dallipur, India, and the Swedish company 1scale1 -that I mentor (they were my students)- is making a series of 4 Arduino-hacked handbags to promote the campaign. But more news about this even soon, once I am back from the opening on Friday this week 🙂

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