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PianoDuino (Arduino + Processing + SoundCipher)

Davide GombaMay 4th, 2010

PianoDuino é um experimento simples que integra Arduino, Processing e uma biblioteca para manipular sons, a SoundCipher. A idéia serviu para experimentar o Multiplexador / Demultiplexador 4051.

[Bruno Soares] created PianoDuino, a very good way to understand how to deal with a multiplexer, Processing anda cool library dealing with sound, SoundCipher.

video and code after the break.

via [BrunoSoares] get both code here

2 Responses to “PianoDuino (Arduino + Processing + SoundCipher)”

  1. OBIAGELI Says:

    Im trying to build the piano for a project im so stuck, my code is just wierd. I used the digital read n write im guessin this is wrong, so pls help me pls

  2. Says:

    try to post this question to Bruno!

    ciao Davide

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