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Million dollar baby – notes over a new business model

Davide GombaMay 3rd, 2010

[dcuartielles] re-posted a nice pecha kucha style resumé of the open hardware experience from [Philip Torrone] and [Limor] at Foo Camp (MIT) at the Ignite hour.  Thanks David for the link.

At O’Reilly’s foo camp east 2010 at Microsoft’s NERD center (MIT campus) we presented “Million dollar baby – Businesses designing and selling open source hardware, making millions” at the Ignite hour. 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide – we tried to capture the excitement and great work from just a few of the dozens of open source hardware companies & resellers. Above, slides, photos & video (m4v). Special thanks to all the companies who helped with some data points and to the OSHW workshop group. There are additional videos/posts/tweet from other attendees, this is our quick video we were able to put together on the train ride back from MA to NYC.

via [Arduino Blog] source [Adafruit Industries]