Motoruino vs Roboduino, the battle of robots

Davide GombaApril 30th, 2010

We previously covered the Motoruino project from Lisbon-based maker Guilherme Martins; some days ago I’ve seen another nice kit from Canadian Robotshop, called Roboduino.  The dawn of the age of robot…

Video of both platform in action after the break.

UPDATE: [Julien] submitted a mistake I did in the embedding of images. The first image here is picturing a Romeo from Korean DFRobot. The true (yet very similar) roboduino is this.

via [CuriousInventor] and [GuilhermeMartins]

2 Responses to “Motoruino vs Roboduino, the battle of robots”

  1. Julien Says:

    There is an error, the photo and the link of so-called Roboduino is in fact the Romeo from Korean DFRobot, not the Roboduino as seen here :

    By the way, the Romeo is very great : same 3-pin connectors as the Roboduino (confusion is easy) but on-chip L298 in SMD version (for two DC motors or 1 stepper motor).

    The video is correct, showing Roboduino in action.

  2. Julien (bis) Says:

    Be careful with Romeo’s power connector : it is possible to power servomotors (digital-side 3 pin connectors, separated from analog-side row) with unregulated 6 volts, but there is no protection if you remove the jumper and connect a USB –> it shutted down my laptop computer several times before I understand the problem.

    If you want to see my robot with a Romeo : winning action in french robots contest here : and robot description (including open source software) here :

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