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Arduino just for Blog Credits

dcuartiellesApril 21st, 2010


Arduino just for Blog Credits

(c) 2010 by xkcd, Arduino just for Blog Credits



4 Responses to “Arduino just for Blog Credits”

  1. Chad LaFarge Says:

    Nice idea to use Flux Capacitor, but you’ve wired it completely backwards. Also, hook up a monkey to that and it would tear space/time: you need to attenuate the signal from the 666 and ground your Arduino.


    (like the post)

  2. beemer Says:

    I love the Flux capacitor 😉


  3. steve Says:

    Not a resistor, wire just does this.. LOL!!!!

  4. Highly specialized schematic … « The tech telecom and all Says:

    […] Oh – and adding Arduino just for blog cred? yup, works. […]

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