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Arduino on Ekstra Bladet

dcuartiellesMarch 13th, 2010

Ekstra Bladet is a Danish paper that has a quite large online version. This week they have a small online TV documentary about Arduino’s presence at the OSD conference in Copenhagen last week. We cannot embed their video in our site (they give no chance to do so) but visit this link to see it. If you watch the clip you will notice there is a Pong game made with a series of RGB LED matrixes by the guys at BSD-DK, as well as a whole display of different projects that can be made with Arduino … that was a nice job! For the next Open Source Days, please remember I live just across the Oresund, and send me an invitation, thanks 😉


Arduino clip on Ekstra Bladet

Arduino clip on Ekstra Bladet March 2010



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