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[From the Forum] vegetable synthesizer

Davide GombaApril 15th, 2010

If you happen to have some spare time on the web (whenever…) and still looking for strange, useless, stupid, incredible, useful creations, then you have to give a try to the Arduino Forum.

I chose to dedicate some posts per week just talking about odd Arduino Forum machineries.

This one seems crazy: [Jochem] made his first year thesis about a vegetal-to-digital way of producing music.

This is the brief descrption from the Forum thread.

This is a project I made for the first year fine arts at HKU in Utrecht. It uses 12 nails in a wooden fruitbowl to sense the resistance between different fruits and vegetables. This then goes to an arduino mega and gets send to max/msp with the arduino2max patch.
I then used some low frequency oscilators and a heavy subwoofer for that real body feel.

Via [Arduino Forum]