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The National Association for Amateur Radio (US)

dcuartiellesMarch 13th, 2010



AARL's Survery for March 2010

AARL's Quiz for March 2010

The AARL is the US National Association for Amateur Radio with over 150.000 members. This month they published a Quiz on their website that included a question about the term “Arduino”. We have been getting some visits to our website from them during the last days. If you are into electronics in general and radio in particular, you should maybe take a look at their website. Here some facts:

By 1914, there were thousands of Amateur Radio operators–hams–in the United States. Hiram Percy Maxim, a leading Hartford, Connecticut, inventor and industrialist saw the need for an organization to band together this fledgling group of radio experimenters. In May 1914 he founded the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) to meet that need.

Today ARRL, with approximately 157,000 members, is the largest organization of radio amateurs in the United States. The ARRL is a not-for-profit organization that:

  • promotes interest in Amateur Radio communications and experimentation


  • represents US radio amateurs in legislative matters, and


  • maintains fraternalism and a high standard of conduct among Amateur Radio operators.

At ARRL headquarters in the Hartford suburb of Newington, a staff of 120 helps serve the needs of members. ARRL is also International Secretariat for the International Amateur Radio Union, which is made up of similar societies in 150 countries around the world.