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Arduino NYC Meetup — Update

tigoeMarch 10th, 2010

Thanks to everyone who RSVP’ed for the NYC meetup mentioned earlier. It will be at ITP on Saturday March 20 from noon to 6 PM.  There is no set agenda for the day, it’s simply an open meetup.  We want to meet  folks using Arduino.

We’ll also be meeting for drinks later that evening at a bar nearby, location TBA. So if you can’t make the meetup, come later for that. Watch this space for details.

We can accommodate about 100 people comfortably without disrupting student work on the floor. Based on the RSVPs we’ve gotten, we have slots for a couple dozen more. So if you’re interested and haven’t RSVP’ed, please send mail to I’ll post again if we run out of room. Looking forward to meeting you all.