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Arduino 1.0 Usage Survey

tigoeFebruary 23rd, 2010

On January 1st, we announced that we’re working towards Arduino 1.0 (for details, see this post). Our goal is to stabilize the platform so that it’s supportable and a good foundation for future developments.

We’ve been getting good feedback from experienced developers through our developers list; from many users individually, both in person and in email; and in the Arduino forums. We want to make sure we get input from the whole Arduino community. This means we want to hear from users, teachers, designers, developers, tinkerers, distributors, and anyone else who uses Arduino. This means you.
There are a few ways you can let us know what you think:
* Please fill out the the Arduino Uno Punto Zero survey to let us know what you think of the current features of Arduino. It takes about five minutes. Even if you have nothing else to add, this will help give us a broad picture of Arduino use.  Please share this widely with your friends, students, and anyone else you know who uses Arduino.
For those who want to discuss in more depth, there are a few venues:
  • A special mailing list,, is open for general discussion.  If you’re not sure where  you fit in, but have something to share, jump in here and we’ll direct the conversation in the right directions.
  • The developers mailing list is open for those interested in the programming and hardware details of Arduino’s development
  • The teachers mailing list is open for teachers using Arduino, whether you’re a developer or not.  We’re particularly interested in hearing from teachers who are using Arduino to teach things other than electronics.
  • The Arduino Uno Punto Zero topic in the Arduino forum is open for discussion, for those of you who are already regular forum contributors.
  • Finally, the Arduino development issues list is available online. If you have things to add that aren’t already on this list, feel free to add it.  This isn’t a discussion list, it’s a to-do list of specific tasks to get done for each version of the hardware, software, and IDE.

Your feedback will help make Arduino 1.0 a solid foundation to build on.  Thanks much.