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The Arduino Eye Shield

Davide GombaFebruary 19th, 2010

The Arduino Eye Shield by David Chatting is a circuit board that can be plugged on top of the Arduino allowing it to interpret analogue video (PAL or NTSC) from a camera or other source. It gives the Arduino the power of sight. I can see allot of potential for interesting live video manipulation here

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3 Responses to “The Arduino Eye Shield”

  1. Mathieu Says:

    where can we buy this???

  2. Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » Arduino Computer Vision With Video Experimenter Shield Says:

    […] video signal. It’s one of the few examples of Arduino processing a live video signal, as previously seen with the Eye Shield (based on the same IC, but with no video out implemented). The image here is processed and sent out […]

  3. mcnobby Says:

    Just seen this, a few years after it was submitted – I really like this idea as I am looking at trying something similar soon

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