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CIID end of year show

dcuartiellesAugust 25th, 2009

It is already a year since CIID -the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design- opened its doors with its Pilot year. Now the participants in CIID’s first educational endeavor are presenting the outcome of their research. Here the flyer in case you are interested in visiting their show. CIID is well known for their excellent social events, if I was in Scandinavia at the opening, I would definitely go. Put August 27th in your agenda!

CIID's flyer for 2009 end of year show

CIID's flyer for 2009 end of year show

From Adam to Yves

21 interaction design students explore the relationship between people, society and technology.

The Danish Design School and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design celebrate and showcase the work of Interaction Design Pilot Year students that came from ten different countries to study on this collaborative and intensive programme.

Kunstindustrimuseet (Danish Museum of Art & Design)
Bredgade 68 / 1260 KĂžbenhavn K

Opening August 27th (3-6pm)
Opening Hours: August 28th-September 6th (11am-5pm)

More information on the projects: here
Details on the venue: here


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