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IR multitouch

dcuartiellesAugust 21st, 2009

Rob Nero, one of the MA in Interaction Design at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University, had the idea of using laser beams and IR sensors to develop a flat multitouch surface. It has some drawbacks, but it is 100% Arduino made, using breadboards, resistors, IR transistors, 4051 multiplex ICs, one Arduino Mini and the USB-Serial converter … 100% genuine prototype.

He is making a great collection of videos showing the functionality of it. Here one example, visit his Vimeo profile for more!


2 Responses to “IR multitouch”

  1. Rob Nero Says:

    I’ve finally published the full TRKBRD schematic and code, if you are interested. Contact me if you have questions or improvements!

  2. k_kakizaki Says:

    I want to use it with 55 inches of monitors!
    Is it hard to make it?

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