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Team Twiizers * R * E * S * P * E * C * T *

dcuartiellesJuly 10th, 2009

Team Twiizers just published this amazing video on Youtube where they showed how to hack a Nintendo DSi game with Arduino to inject their own logotype. Looking forward to see any documentation about this!

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  1. Zementblog » News (10. Juli ‘09) Says:

    […] Arduino-Blog: Eine Gruppe gewiefter Bastler hat es mit einem Arduino-Board hinbekommen, den neuen Nintendo DSi zu hacken, sodass dort auf dem Bildschirm ein eigenes Logo […]

  2. Atea Webdevelopment & Search Engine Optimization Says:

    This is nice, great hack! Must have been a lot of work!?

  3. everywhere Says:

    i have dsi and arduino all i need is the documentation

  4. John_K Says:

    Hey guys! It’s great to see some interest in the tools we use to do some of our hacks. If there is interest I’ll do a writeup about the different tools we’ve used to help us learn about platforms and then later hack on them.

    This time around with the DSi we needed something quick and easy that spoke SPI and was readily available. A few of us hard Arduinos kicking around and that was pretty much history. Being more comfortable with vim/emacs and GCC than fancy IDEs we cobbled together a SPI Slave to Serial bridge so that we could bang bits out of the DSi by (ab)using the Game’s SPI interface to it’s Serial EEPROM where it stores it’s save data. We picked a SPI command that the EEPROM would ignore and then used that to communicate with our computers.

  5. d3x Says:

    That is really cool. I would love to know if the same hack works with the 1.4 firmware update (out this week).

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